A Comprehensive Guide on Scholarships and Financial Support for Muslim Students in Europe

A Comprehensive Guide on Scholarships and Financial Support for Muslim Students in Europe


The trend of international education is increasing within Asian countries. Nowadays, thousands of students go abroad to study in western educational institutes. Still, some of the Muslim students are hesitant to go. They are nervous about the aspect of educational diversity. It may be due to the political, and resource availability issues. The students aim to get diverse, and efficient exposures through the educational system. These institutes are well equipped with providing diverse learning, and skill-building options. The main problem faced by students is that of financial resources. There are more than ever national, and international scholarships for students. These scholarships enable students from all over the world to study abroad. It gives them support so that they can achieve their dreams. Muslim Students can also apply for these scholarships. They have diverse subject categories ranging from science, to arts. Engineering, and business marketing scholarships are also offered. Most scholarships are based on individual student support. There are some UK supported financial aids for the student’s family grants as well. The students with disabilities are also not left out of the scholarship provisions. Suppose you are planning to apply this year for a foreign scholarship in your subject. You will need comprehensive options of scholarships for Muslim students.

Here is a comprehensive guide on financial support and scholarships. It can help you in finding the resources you might be looking for.

DAAD Scholarship

European countries offer the highest number, and types of scholarship. Germany is a hub of technical education and science. Most of the students wish to study there. According to the dissertation help firm, DAAD is a German Academic exchange service scholarship. It offers financial aid in the form of research grants, and funded scholarships. The student has to apply through official website for DAAD. Before applying to the website, you must make sure to find a university that works under these funds. The chosen university must have your degree, and research interest in laboratory equipment. You will apply straight on the website, giving the requisites of the university of your choice. The DAAD team will manage your profile. It will also look for a suitable option for you. DAAD gives 850 € per month to Master’s students. It offers special waivers of expenses in certain circumstances as well. The DAAD includes almost all the universities in Germany. The Muslim student community there is studying in great numbers. Technical education students are in larger numbers as compared to the art students. This is because the trend of Muslim students is more towards technical education. The scholarship covers master, doctoral, and post-doctoral degrees. You can choose the degree that suits you. It helps the motivated, and skilful students who want a chance to study in the UK.

UK Government Offered Financial Support to Muslim Students

The UK government provides many National scholarships to Muslim students. The financial aid waives the tuition fee and loans for accommodation expenses. Most students tend to choose other options. This is because they want to avoid the issues with loan payments.

Holland Scholarship

This scholarship offers students outside the European Economic Area (EEA) a chance to study in Holland. The financial aid is in the form of tuition fee waivers. It is also available through financial support for the other expenses. The € 5,000 pay for initial year of the students. This scholarship is for Bachelor’s and Master’s students. Asian students can benefit the most from this. The monetary allowance is enough to pay for accommodation, tuition fee, and living expenses. You can choose this if your degree falls in the scholarship criteria.

British Chevening Scholarship UK

This scholarship awards the students of Chevening eligible countries. Students can avail this scholarship for 1 year in a Master’s, or Bachelor’s program. The financial support provides tuition fee, living allowance, and accommodation fee. The monthly stipend is enough for fulfilling the living allowance. It also provides extra financial aid for more expenses. The airfare is also given by financial body of the UK. This includes an economy class ticket.

Danish Government Scholarship

Danish education ministry offers intelligent students outside the EEA with a scholarship. This grant enables students from Muslim countries to join the Danish institutes. It provides both half, and full funded tuition fee waivers for the students. It also offers grants for living allowance, and travel expenses of the students. You can avail this scholarship if you’re looking for higher education. The Master’s, and PhD students can avail this scholarship.

UK Commonwealth Scholarship

UK government supported commonwealth scholarships are the biggest ones for Asian countries. Muslim students benefit the most from this scholarship. It offers financial support for the Master’s, and PhD programs. The countries falling under commonwealth flag are eligible for this scholarship. The living allowance of £1,133/ or £1,390/ per month are given for the metropolitan university areas. These include examples of the ones located in London. A separate warm clothing allowance for the students is also given. The costs of thesis preparation are also covered by commonwealth financial support. The academic costs like stationery, laptop, and other accessories are also provided. The travel allowance for overseas students grants them enough money. Some of the students have families, husband/wife, or kids. The commonwealth grants £485/ every month for the first child. £120/ per month is given for the second child who is less than 16 years old. The income family support enables students to study and manage their families as well. Students having a disability are also supported by the commonwealth program. The diverse financial support and transparency of the program make it a good choice. You can also achieve the scholarship by going through the requirements. Make sure you are eligible with a higher education degree. You can have two references submitted to the Commonwealth team. The grants will be enough for both individual, and family support programs. The Master’s, and PhD students can benefit from this opportunity.


The European countries offer various scholarships to the Muslim students. These financial funds are for research, and academic learning purposes. Some are funded with full waivers, while some are half funded scholarships. It enables the students to join foreign institutes. This is a great support system for them. It makes them able to receive good quality education that is beneficial for them in the long run.


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