5 Web Application Development Tools to Use for Computer Assignment

5 Web Application Development Tools to Use for Computer Assignment

Web application development has become a very popular and significant field and there is a large majority of students that are studying web development to enjoy the great benefits this field offers. While web development and application development might seem to be very technical and complex terms for the common man, people who have some technical knowledge will understand how important a role these two are playing in our lives these days.

According to experts of assignment writing services, there is a large majority of students who are turning to web application development for career choice and it is a great way to enjoy the benefits this industry is offering.  Colleges and universities all over the world are offering comprehensive web development courses and degree programs to help students achieve their goals. However, achieving a degree is not as easy; students will have to work hard and make sure they learn to use the right tools that help them focus on their assignments and produce great outcomes.

It is only when students understand and work on their assignments that are more focused on the practical aspects of web application development that they can move forward the right way and know-how applications are developed and designed. This article is a guide for students who are working hard to get their web application development degrees and have been assigned computer assignments to help them know which tools to use and how to succeed in their efforts.

Sublime Text:

It is a first-rate code editor that features a well-designed, super-efficient, and ultra-speedy user interface. The secret to Sublime’s success lies in the program’s vast array of keyboard shortcuts, such as the ability to perform simultaneous editing, making the same interactive changes to multiple selected areas as well as quick navigation to files, symbols, and lines. Computer assignments are not easy and these shortcuts simplify the tasks, enable students to work on their web application development tasks most efficiently.  The good thing about this tool is that it offers free tutorial too and students can use it to hone their skills.

Chrome Developer Tools:

This tool helps students edit their HTML and CSS in real-time and debug their JavaScript while viewing a thorough performance analysis of the website. The good thing about Chrome Developer Tools is that it helps develops access the internals of their web application. Not only this, a palette of network tools can help in optimizing the loading flows while a timeline gives a better understanding of what the browser is doing at the time. Google also releases an update after every six weeks and helps students update their skills with the latest knowledge.


Since the beginning of web development, JavaScript was considered the essential front-end language by development, despite its share of problems. jQuery changed things as it is a small, cross-platform JavaScript library that simplified the front-end process. It allows greater scope for creating animations, adding plug-ins, or even just navigating documents. jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library with installation on 65% of the top 10 million highest-trafficked sites on the web.


It is the best support a developer could get; with its vision control systems, VCS and more GitHub have made things very easy for developers and newbies too. It makes the web application development process very convenient, enabling developers to see the changes they are making or even go back and see what they have done.

The repository hosting service also boasts a rich open-source development community, easing the collaboration between teams as easy as pie, and provides several other components such as bug tracking, feature requests, task management, and wikis for every project. It is a great tool to get involved and learn from the best with a wide array of open-source projects.

Twitter Bootstrap:

UI frameworks are the best way to solve problems like the same styling containing, cropping up button, and other such problems that affect performance.  Bootstrap is a comprehensive UI package developed by the team at Twitter. Complete with tools to normalize stylesheets, build modal objects, add JavaScript plugins, and a plethora of other features, it cuts down on the amount of code and time needed to build a project.

For those who want to become web application developers and work on their computer assignments most efficiently, learning about the right tools is very important. Combined with technology, these web application development tools enable users to use the right platform most efficiently and complete their projects without wasting time or effort.