Which College Degrees Will Be Most Demanding During Decade

Which College Degrees Will Be Most Demanding During Decade

When you enroll in college you need to select a college major. An easy way to select the best degree program is to choose one in an industry that is expanding. It is a smart idea to enroll in degree programs that are most demanding so there will be greater chances for you to flourish in a professional career. While it is crucial for students to choose a degree of their interest, it is also beneficial for them to know what the top degrees are so that you have increased chances of landing a job after your graduation. Experts of assignment writing services are going to look over some college degrees that will be most demanding during the decade. Below are the college majors that will become increasingly desirable in the 2020s.


Pharmacology is ranked on the top of the list among most in demand degrees. You require a bachelor’s degree to work in the field but you can avail better opportunities with more schooling and experience in the field. Choosing pharmacology as your major will help you to establish a successful career as the projected growth in the field is 25% and the unemployment rate is only 3%. With a median earning of $105,000 pharmacology degree will help you establish a sound career.

Computer Science:

Computer Science is a continuously evolving and prosperous field of study. This degree is almost relevant in every industry. Within Computer Science field specializing in management information systems is among the most in demand degree as data management field is constantly expanding.  You need to complete the bachelor’s degree to work in the specific firms within the field but as the field is expanding there are chances to avail start-ups with an associate degree with work experience. The growth rate of the industry is estimated to be 18% by 2020. The median salary package is $60,000, which varies according to experience and education.

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Health Science:

Another promising degree is that of Health Science and Healthcare Administration. With an increase in medical technology and average life expectancy, the value of this career also continues to increase. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, people need more care and that becomes the more significant reason for the demand of this degree. Students who major in Health Science can avail many opportunities to work at different places such as hospitals, clinics, rehab centres, in-home and the like. Analytical thinkers and good communicators can create best chances to prosper in the field. It is a continuously growing field and the degree holders can expect to earn at least $90,000 per year.

Information Technology:

Degree in Information Technology is also an increasingly desirable degree in the market. IT deals with the convergence of computer systems, both hardware and software and how they can be used to share data and organize these tools to use and store information. Individuals who desire to earn in the field must possess valuable skills to survive in the field. It is a highly skilled degree with a median salary of $80,000-$100,000+ a year. More jobs are being added in the field with the passage of time and the growth rate is expected to 12% through 2026.

Business Administration:

Business administration is also a highly sought after degree because of changing scenarios of the business world. It is a multifaceted degree that prepares students for multiple positions so the individuals having Business Administration degree can start their career as managers, analysts, owners, CEOs and more. Selecting the right career for you, you can start a job with an associate’s degree in entry level and sales role and progress to the higher levels with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. The highly functional degree provides some of the best opportunities to excel in your field of study.

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Human Resources:

The individuals who pursue a college major in Human Resource also have great chances of success regarding career opportunities. The employees in the particular field help organizations to manage hiring, onboarding and development resources. They help to deal with people in organizations and highlight ways to maintain equality within organizations. Students need to get a bachelor’s degree to start work in the field.

These are some of the most demanding college degrees. Students need to make wise decisions while selecting majors in the college as their choices will affect their future lives. You can pursue any of these degrees in any type of educational setting and gain valuable skills so that you can land a job as soon as you leave college.